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Instead of making this specific....

I had some trellis to put up a while back, but I didn't want it permanently fixed to the fence. So I attached the trellis to two 2x2 lengths of seasoned wood and then hung that over the fence. I couldn't find any 'over fence' hooks at the time, so ended up using guttering support brackets. They worked, but are a bit naff.
I now want to add some more trellis elsewhere and have been looking again for U shaped (or more of an extended leg U - ie like a bunk bed ladder bracket with the drilled side longer than the other) brackets to hang over a fence to support the trellis, but can't see anything (in this country anyway) reasonable. Has anyone bought such items and if so where? In this case I want a 1.5" hook/bracket to go over a standard lap fence - something like this:

...worse case is I can use fence brackets (that go down the side of a fence panel), but they're a bit short.

UK - South Coast Retirement Campus (East)


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