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Staining Garden Bamboo Fencing


I wonder if anyone can help me with this. I have a bamboo facia covering the back fence in my garden but it is very pale and uninteresting. I would like to stain it and I have found a couple of images on the internet which have the look I am seeking. These are just stock images and they don't tell me what specific colours are used and how to achieve the effect. I've attached the 2 images and would be grateful for any advice on what the colours might be and who (in the UK) would supply them and the best way of applying them.

Thanks in anticipation



  • didywdidyw Posts: 3,186
    I think that's the natural colour of the bamboo.  I've not heard of anyone staining it before but I would imagine it would need a lot of prep. to make the surface more adhesive.
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  • There are quite a few examples on the net of stained/painted bamboo fences and in many different colours (none that took my fancy though).
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