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Elehant hawk moth

My dog began creating in the garden and on inspection, to see what was upsetting him,  found a very large caterpillar on the sleeper edged step. It had very noticeable eye markings and was surprisingly strong when I tried to move it off my handkerchief, which I used to pick it up, and put it in a safe place.

Saw a bat flying at dusk, the first in several years, since a wind turbine was erected in a nearby field.

Watching TV I had a toad crawling along the edge of the inglenook fireplace. Moved it back outside before the dog found it.

Life is exciting in the counrtyside.


  • GardenerSuzeGardenerSuze Posts: 5,307
    @Joyce Goldenlily My friend was taking a rest next to her pond the other day when a grass snake surfaced with a frog in it's mouth. She was brave and managed to save the frog. I'm not so brave sadly.
    Looking forward to my new garden with clay soil here in South Notts.

    Gardening is so exciting I wet my plants. 
  • Slow-wormSlow-worm Posts: 1,576
    I was swimming in the Wye a couple of years back, and a snake came bobbing down a few feet away - I don't think I'd never seen one swimming before! 

  • FireFire Posts: 18,138
    Joyce, what did your dog do with the toad? 
  • He is really funny to watch when he finds a frog or toad. He gets very excited, not much going on in his life these days! he pushes them with his nose and follows their hopping, his head bobbing up and down as he follows them He has never picked one up or hurt one so far.
    He is hell bent on getting next door to chase their chickens. That really makes his day! They are such fun to chase, they flap, squawk and run around in circles, great fun. Feathers flying. Wonderful. I don't think he could actually get hold of one because he has a flat face, he cannot carry sticks because of this, but I prefer not to find out.
    My neighbour has told me not to worry if he kills one but I would be mortified, anyway, I don't want to give him the taste of blood and develop his urge to chase and kill more than it is already.
    No one believes me when I tell them, behind those limpid brown eyes,, white curls and gorgeous plume of a tail, there is a raging lion!
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