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Weigela blooming this right, please?

Hi.  We recently moved into a property and delighted that we have this weigela in the garden!  However, I know nothing about them, sadly.  I'm thinking that it's quite late on in the year for it to be blooming now, or am I wrong on that?!  Also, do I cut it back once it's finished flowering, please?  If so, how far back do I cut it back?  Many thanks in advance for your thoughts.  :)  


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,964
    I've had several over the years and they do often produce a few flowers late in the season - it's just what they do.
    I prune mine around now, which is the wrong time, but it suits me and certainly doesn't harm the plant.
    The 'right' time is in Spring after they've bloomed. That gives them the time for the rest of the season to prepare for flowers the following spring.
    They're tough shrubs and won't be killed by a bit of pruning at the wrong time :)

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  • Hi @Pete.8; thank you very much for getting back to me.  It's reassuring to know that mine isn't doing anything 'wrong', thanks!  When the flowers on mine have died back, I shall perhaps 'deadhead' them, so I won't be taking too much off.  It seems well established, so I'm sure it will withstand a light deadheading in a few weeks.  I'm very pleased to have it in the garden; I just have to learn about its habits now!  Thanks again for your thoughts.  :)
  • Our Ruby is covered in flowers again. It flowers in the Spring and then no flowers for months and then in August full bloom again. It did this last year.
  • Balgay.HillBalgay.Hill Posts: 1,008
    It's been unusual weather this year.
    I have 2 Weigela that flowered normally earlier in the year, but have some Rhodos flowering right now for the second time.
    Some other shrubs are also flowering at the 'wrong' time.
    Sunny Dundee
  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,462
    Last year mine didn't get cut back at all as it carried on flowering into November! The hot, dry weather has made it finish earlier this year, and It might benefit from a more drastic cut back this time round, as they respond well  with lots of new growth.
  • I bought a weigela for a pot 3 years ago. In summer time, I moved it into the bed after reading that weigela plants grow in clay soil. I gave it extra care with the drought and much to my joy, it started now flowering again on some stems. It seems to grow.

    I my garden.

  • Hi @bertrand-mabel; thank you for your reply.  It's lovely to have a second bloom!  We only moved into the property last month so I don't know whether ours bloomed earlier in the year.  It's a lovely shrub and I'm pleased to have it.  Thank you.  :)

  • Hi @Balgay.Hill; thank you for your reply.  Yes, I did wonder whether the excess heat this year has played a part in extra flowering.  I don't know much about shrubs at all but I'm pleased to hear that ours isn't doing anything out of the ordinary.  Thank you.  :)
  • Hi @Buttercupdays; thank you for your reply.  I don't know anything about weigelas but November *is* late to be flowering, I'm thinking?!  Just shows you how mild our winters can be these days.  Thank you.  :)

  • Hi @Simone_in_Wiltshire; thank you for your reply.  I'm very pleased to hear your weigela has responded positively to your care; it's so disappointing when a plant/flower/shrub doesn't do as well as we'd like.  I'm sure yours will continue to flourish!  Thank you.  :)
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