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Anyone else planting Shallots this Autumn?

I've put about 45 to 50 in this afternoon while it was raining.

I've done alright with these so far. I started with about 9 Shallot bulbs and planted them in the spring this year. I must have harvested 10 times that a few months later. It is amazing how many each bulb divides in to while growing.

 They were only a fraction of the size of the ones originally  planted, but I found that one onion was enough on a sandwich with something else.

As it's only the 2nd time I've grown these, does anyone have any tips ?  ;)


  • Well @young codger no we haven't even thought about it but now you make us think that maybe we should give it a go. Our shallots this year and onions have been great but all planted out in the spring. So maybe we should give it another go.
  • There is an article on Shallots on Gardener`s world site. See link.
    "You can plant shallot sets in early spring or autumn. From an autumn planting you’ll get earlier, heavier crops. Like onions, shallots prefer sun and a moisture-retentive, fertile soil, ideally with plenty of well-rotted organic matter such as garden compost added. It’s worth looking for heat-treated shallot sets, as the resulting plants are less prone to bolting (producing flowers). Bolting reduces the quality of the crop.Rake over the soil to break down any large lumps. Plant sets with the tips showing. Space your shallots, which produce multiple bulbs, 15-20cm apart. Allow 30cm between rows".
  • WhiterotWhiterot Posts: 43
    I grow Longor shallots which in years gone by I always set in the Spring. Three years ago I thought that I would set them at one end of my garlic net at the end of October and I have had far better results. I cannot remember when I last bought any to set as I always keep 40 or so of my own grown ones to set in the autumn. The sets to purchase are a ridiculous price. I suffer from white rot hence my name so I always treat the bed with garlic powder anytime soon and never water them. This reduces the incidents of white rot to a manageable number 
  • I'll keep in mind what you say about watering. Generally they probably get enough moisture when growing through Autumn onwards. 
  • scrogginscroggin Posts: 423
    I plant both onion and shallots in the autumn as well as a spring planting.
    The autumn planting tend to set off fast, then stall as winter hits, they often look quite pathetic for a while before getting going again in the spring when I give them a top dressing of BFB and growmore. In my experience they're usually ready a couple of months ahead of the spring planting.
  • @scroggin
    Is that onion sets you plant? 
  • scrogginscroggin Posts: 423
    @young codger, sorry, yes I should have said, they're sets for both onions and shallots.
  • young codgeryoung codger Posts: 543
    edited August 2022
    Thanks for confirming Scroggin. I don't usually grow ordinary onions even though I use them. They seem to be quite cheep from the  supermarkets. However, Shallots are not so cheap. 

    When I harvested this year's crop of spring sown Shallots I saved the smallest for Autumn sowing. The other half of the crop-the largest ones, were eaten.  :)
  • @young codger tried to took for shallots in many garden/nurseries. Nothing. Shall have to buy more next year and not pickle so many so keep some back!
  • scrogginscroggin Posts: 423
    @bertrand-mabel, the autumn sets might not be out yet, I know that locally it's often mid September when they appear in the GC's, I haven't looked for any yet, I don't plant my sets until late September.
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