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Hello  I am putting up a greenhouse on a paved patio. I understand the importance of the base being completely level and square. Any tips on how to offset the slight fall of the patio (to allow water run off) without having to lift and relay slabs? Any advice would be much appreciated.


  • DogmumDogmum Posts: 96
    Greenhouses are normally ok with a slight fall.  I looked at it when I was laying our green house base and ours certainly has a slight fall to allow for water run off.  Just make sure you position your greenhouse with a mind on which way the fall is.  I forgot and ended up with the gutter down pipes and barrels at the back but with the fall going to the front.  We live and learn.  I’d check out the build instructions if it’s a new one or maybe the greenhouse peoples site, that was very helpful when we did ours.
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  • nick615nick615 Posts: 1,481
    If you think it important, a few pieces of slate will even it up.
  • McRazzMcRazz Posts: 418
    Or try a course or two of bricks, you may appreciate the added height, especially around the edges where the roof interfaces with the sides. 
  • It won't matter if it's slight. If you're feeding water butts from it make sure you put it the right way though!
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