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Off topic: bouncing a webpage address?

FireFire Posts: 17,398
Oh techies, lend me your ears. Here's a question, it might seem random:

how do I  get a webpage to appear under a different web address? I have a free Wordpress blog page. I want to keep the blog format I have but have it appear under a new web address (long story).  One can have a phone number forwarded through another phone number and a email account forwarded through another email account. I'm sure there must be a way to bounce a webpage in a similar way. 

 I've been grappling with this for ages. Thanks

Insights welcome.


  • AstraeusAstraeus Posts: 335
    edited August 2022
    Some domain providers simply let you set as an option the URL redirect. The coding for it is relatively straightforward:

    Who have you bought the domain from? I can try to find it in their website settings for you. Again, most allow URL masking.
  • FireFire Posts: 17,398
    @Astraeus I have messaged you. Many thanks
  • @Fire In case your friend has got a wordpress,com website (which is not the same as using a Wordpress software in his own domain, but belongs to the company, then he can redirect to his own domain in Settings- General  and click on "redirect" in "Site address". Then he enters his own website address (URL).

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