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Potato storage

We grow Casablanca potatoes as an early, but have become accustomed to a gradual harvest as needed which seems to last through until September or even October. We’ve eaten very few this year, so have a large area of ground which we want to lift all the potatoes from. Does anybody have experience of storing in cardboard boxes? Does it work? How long can we expect them to stay good?
Thanks in advance.


  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy Posts: 6,556
    I have stored potatoes in paper and hessian sacks,. I can't think of a reason why a cards box would not work. Just keep them cool and dark 
     On Beechgrove pog the other week George said you could keep them in a large bucket with a bit of damp soil on the top. I guess that's a simpler version of the clamp. 
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