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Could this be chlorosis on my chilli plant?

Hi there. I am a bit of a novice gardener/veg grower, someone who 'discovered' gardening during the COVID lockdown. I was given a set of chilli plants which I grew from seed in little biodegradable pots, indoors on a window sill. All the seedlings came up and I transferred them to pots outside. 
I used normal compost, perhaps I should have used something with more bespoke nutrients for chillies because because one variety looks like this...another may be going that way.  One is a bit leggy. No mildew, insects any such thing...

Note...yellowing of the newer leaves and tips a little burnt.

I grew tomato seedlings and pepper (capsicums) from seed in the same place...same light ...window sill etc etc. Only difference - I did not use the biodegradable pots that I used for the chillies. Tomatoes and peppers are thriving outside.

I also have a fire mix of 3 chilli plants that I bought ready in a pot. Healthy. I now have masses of chillies. Doing great.

These chillies from the kit look like they could thrive. I just have to tweak something. Could it be chlorosis...perhaps iron deficiency? How best to solve...?

Please help.

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