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Unheated Greenhouse - what could I grow over winter

I have a 10x8 greenhouse in a open south facing position.  We live close to the centre of the country, so rarely get the extremes of any weather.
The greenhouse is unheated and given the costs involved it will be staying unheated.
We aren't great salad leaf eaters so is there anything else in the veggie range that I could have a go at, in the greenhouse over winter?
I know a lot might depend on what type of winter we have but I'd like to give something a go.
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  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,287
    I sow parsley around now and plant in the border where my tomatoes are now growing.
    They do ok over winter and by early spring they're really growing well.

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  • I'm not keen on cold salad during the cold winter days either. I start some seeds in Autumn (August/September) or cuttings taken when ever it was right to take them and the plants grow happily. Best conditions, because if they don't survive an unheated greenhouse, then they don't survive outside. Gives a lot of pleasure over winter to see the plants for next summer.

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  • We do have a lot of salad crops in the polytunnel through the winter. They can be made into great soups. We also have pak choi and kohl rabi. They don't get as big as usual if the weather gets very cold but still worth growing. We have also done carrots and picked some for Christmas dinner. The polytunnel is unheated.
  • LynLyn Posts: 23,190
    I sow early cabbage seeds in September for planting in the GH when the tomatoes have finished,  I can pick the outside leaves and use as Spring greens very early Spring.  It’s freezes very well, can’t taste the difference from fresh,  I still have some in there now. 
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