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Cutting back Solidago (Golden Rod)

Hi.  We recently moved into a property and inherited a pond (yay!) and also what I believe to be Solidago.  I'm happy with the amount of it that we have, so my question is, once it's finished flowering, do I cut it back straightaway and also, do I cut it at the base, please?  I've tried looking online but can't find a definitive answer regarding *where* on the plant to cut it back.  Many thanks.  :)


  • I used to leave ours to overwinter as smaller birds such a finches, sparrows love the seeds. It didn’t seem to seed around very much. When I did finally cut it down I cut it at the base 
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  • Hi @Butterfly66; thank you very much for getting back to me.  Ah, if the birds like the seeds then I shall leave most of it in place.  There's a fair-sized clump of it now around our pond so I didn't want too much more but I'll keep an eye on it.  I'm happy to feed the birds with it!  Many thanks.  :)

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