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Back border planting ideas

I’ve recently moved into a new build and I’m trying to decide what trees/shrubs to plant along the back border.  The border is   6.5 meters wide and just over a meter in depth.  I’m trying to decide if planting a row of 3 small narrow trees would look okay eg Amelanchier Obelisk or Amelanchier rainbow pillar and planting Choiysa white dazzler and daphne in between them and approx 5 hebes.  Im a complete beginner at gardening so this may sound totally ridiculous lol.  How does this sound and would it look better planting 3 trees the same at the back of the garden or should they be different?  Many thanks for any ideas you can offer  :)


  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,399
    edited August 2022
    If you are going for a symmetrical layout, I would go for all three the same. Amelanchier 'Obelisk' sounds a great choice.

    If you want to be more informal, go for three things with different habits, e.g. 1 upright, 1 round, 1 spreading and space them out asymmetrically. Personally I prefer the informal approach as it's just a bit more interesting visually IMO.
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