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Plant advice for a garden well, please

We have almost completed the garden well top and are now looking for ideas to improve the area around it. We need to find a suitable wooden bucket, rope and a weldmesh cover so that the cats don't fall in!
Any thoughts regarding suitable perennial plants, please?


  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,565
    I can't see much soil there for planting? Erigeron would look nice around the base of the wall though, it doesn't need rich soil and will establish itself in cracks within the paving and the wall itself.
  • ShepherdsBarnShepherdsBarn Posts: 401
    edited August 2022
    Yes, I think erigeron is the way to go. There is soil to the right, where the rose is growing but yes, it is stoney to the immediate left - we could easily add some soil but need to be aware that it is not a great planting area.
    Thanks @Loxley. 🙂
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