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Flower bed arrangement

I have a 23ft long deck 4 ft high I hav a sixteen in wide flower bed the whole length. I have a silver mound Christmas lilies wood Lillie’s a rose bush columbines mixed in bluebell clusters peony and Jerusalem artichoke in this much space my neighbours love it. I think it a big mess. How can I improve this look


  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 14,966
    A picture would help and without wanting to sound rude, I can’t make much sense of what you have written.
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    Does that mean 16 inches wide? Is it a raised bed, or is it at ground level?
    It's virtually impossible to advise without more info though - and a photo is a must. Location, soil/climate, aspect etc, are all big factors. I'm afraid I don't understand many of the plants you describe either, so if you can give the correct plant names, that will help enormously  :)

    The neighbours may like it, but if you don't, that's what matters. Hopefully, with more info, people can offer ideas  :)
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    @mgaulton Do you want something to look at in the winter months, maybe some evergreen plants.? Take a look at Euonymous Green Pillar gets to one metre in time.

     If you can upload a photo that would help, if it is upside down don't worry.

    We have had so little rain in the south of the country most gardens are looking tired and in need of a drink.

    In a long border sometimes it is good to repeat the same plant. Your Christmas Lily or  Lilium Regale has probably given up earlier than normal due to the dry weather.  However Silver Mound or Atemisia should be happy with the hot weather.

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