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Fruit flies - just curious

B3B3 Posts: 26,964
Whenever I open my  outside ,tight council food waste bin, there's fruit flies in there. ( I never put uncooked vegetables or fruit in it). What's attracting them and how do they get in there? I'm really particular about leaving food about. Do they lay eggs on fresh, uncooked non vegetable food or what?
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  • WonkyWombleWonkyWomble Posts: 4,476
    edited August 2022
    I find they linger around over ripe fruits, maybe they come free from the council!?
  • B3B3 Posts: 26,964
    Maybe the bin men let them in when they're emptying them🤔 BTW.they are all men.
    In London. Keen but lazy.
  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 11,948
    We've been plagued with them recently in and around my compost bin under the sink but it's never been a problem before. Very hot weather perhaps?
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