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We have 2 gages now over 8 years old. One is Old green gage and the other is reine claude oulins. In the Spring they are covered with flowers and then we have frosts. The fruit...what fruit? Today we picked 3 from reine claude and nothing from the old green gage. Do any of you have gages and have success with them? All help as always much appreciated.


  • I have an old green gage, I think it must be 5 years old now. I planted it in '19 and had a few gages in '20, it did pretty well last year but this year's a bit rubbish. There was quite a bit of blossom on it in spring and I was definitely expecting more fruit than is currently on the tree. I'm putting it down to the unusually dry weather we've had although the Victoria plum has a plethora of fruit this year. 

    The only thing I really do with it is put chicken manure around it in the spring and prune it in the summer. 
  • EustaceEustace Posts: 1,989
    I have Old green gage in my garden, planted about 5 years ago. Last year I had 3 gages. This year it flowered profusely and I was hoping for more. Alas, I had only one which reached a good size and then dropped off in June. So zilch this year.
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  • @februarysgirl we also had a great harvest of victoria plums this year and as the same with you and @Eustace loads of flowers in the spring on the gages and then 3 fruits from Claude and nothing from Old green. One year hopefully we will get a good crop.
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    I bought a Cambridge green gage 3 years ago and last year it had a few, albeit lovely, Victoria plums on it :o

    This year nothing and the same goes for my other plum and damson. The pears are the same but I have a decent amount of apples and the apricots were never more productive.  
  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy Posts: 6,413
    I am the opposite this year, plum Opal all of 6 fruits 3 too high to pick. The greengage however is loaded with fruit. 
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    A few years ago I planted a greengage, Victoria plum and Opal plum and each year it's different. Some years the greengage is dripping fruit and no plums. This year I had two gages, zero Victoria and the Opal plum is covered in fruit.

    In my experience, they all have good years and bad years. 
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