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Peat Free Compost

Over the last few years I have been trying a number of peat free composts having a couple of tonne bags delivered from a turf supplier as well as purchases from garden centres and supermarkets alike and what I'm noticing is that there's an increasing amount of plastics and glass in these. The bags purchased recently I note have warnings advising gloves to be worn when using the product. My question is why are suppliers permitted to retail what appears to be partially recycled waste into compost? Items I have found over the few year's that I've been using peat free material include parts of car indicator lenses, clothes pegs (complete), ridiculous amounts of glass both clear and brown as well as plastic from plastic bags. Thanks.


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    Unfortunately @stuart.graham1426, there have been several threads on this subject - this year in particular.
    The general consensus seems to be that demand is outstripping supply -possibly due to more people taking up gardening too,  and the contents are therefore not 'up to par', to put it politely. As products containing peat are to be banned in a few years, more people have been buying peat free composts, which has no doubt contributed to the problem. 
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