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Cherry tomatoes and peppers rotting on the plant



  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy Posts: 6,540
    Redwing said:
    I've noticed the BER occurs in the earlier fruits and as the season progresses the problem disappears. Also some varieties are more prone to it than others.
    Interesting, I  have had this problem this year as you descibe, the first few fruits only. In my case it can't be inconsistent watering as they are in quadgrow pots and have access to water at all times. I suspect it's a genuine lack of calcium in the compost. I  have bought more of the two part feed they sell now, and note that part A has additional calcium. The later fruits are unaffected. 
    AB Still learning

  • Thank you for all your comments. I will look out for the two part feed. I also water everyday so don’t think it’s lack of water. I haven’t heard of seashell compost so will look out for it. 
  • takhanatakhana Posts: 82
    I’m also having terrible problems with BER this year. Didn’t have it the last few years! It’s affecting two of the four plants I have in the greenhouse and three of the six I have outside. It’s a bugger!
  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy Posts: 6,540
    I also think the extreme heat has made it worse.  Remember for many plants metabolism shuts down once the temperature reaches about 35C. So no matter how much water is at the roots it won't take any more up till it cools.
    AB Still learning

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