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Cupressus sempervirens Pyramidalis-Italian Cypress-Brown Patches

Hi all. First post. I have 4 of these beauties. They have been in about 2 years and were 5/6ft tall when planted. Soil was fairly heavy but I dug in plenty of manure and feed. Surface was mulched and they have been regularly watered. The area they are in can get breezy as we are a bit exposed being near a railway. They are now pushing 9/10ft plus and to me seem healthy apart from these brown dry/dead patches. Mainly nearer the base but some further up too. Is this aphids or too much/little watering? I have not treated, fed or trimmed  them  since planting but hope to find some pointers from you guys for a solution. They would be expensive to replace at that height. Many thanks. Rob


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    @rob040669 Welcome. I am sorry to say but the brown patches won't recover. The fact that they are mostly at the bottom indicates that they are older. We have had some very drying winds for months which hasn't helped.You have done nothing wrong. I would see what others can add.
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