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Passiflora , identify please.

dpatel2130dpatel2130 Posts: 164
Hello! This is Passiflora about three years old. I don't know what variety it is. Can you please identify it. This is second year it flowered but no fruits (I have passiflora constance elliot next to it, it flowered this year first time and bearing fruits. Pictures posted last week.)
If it get fruits, is it edible or not? Thank you in advance. 


  • Silver surferSilver surfer Posts: 3,903
    edited 4 August
    Passiflora caerulea pic below

    Passiflora edulis is the one with edible fruits.
    Perthshire. SCOTLAND .
  • philippasmith2philippasmith2 Posts: 1,919
    Yes - P caerulea.  They do form fruits quite readily which are a pale orange colour.
    As explained previously, these are not edible.  You need to grow edulis if you want fruit to eat.
  • dpatel2130dpatel2130 Posts: 164
    @Silver surfer, @philippasmith2. Thank you. Now I know that none of the passiflora fruits I got is edible. I got them beautiful flowers and edible fruits would have as bonus. Fruits at present are green but when they will ripe and get yellow or orange it will add colours to the garden. 
  • philippasmith2philippasmith2 Posts: 1,919
    @dpatel2130 That's the way to look at it - beautiful flowers and a bit of colour later on :)
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