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Tomato issues

Hi. I am currently growing six tomato plants (2x costoluto fiorentino, 2x gardeners delight, 1x sungold, 1x tumbling tiger - both the sungold plant and TT plant were bought from the garden centre). It’s my first year growing tomatoes myself from seed and so far it’s pretty much been great and really enjoyable. They’re all growing in peat free compost.

However I am having some trouble with the fruits on one of my costoluto fiorentino plants. I have lost around six fruits in the past two weeks to “bruising” on the fruit. I initially thought it may be blossom end rot, due to overwatering them during the few hot days two weeks ago. I’ve been a lot more cautious with watering, especially with the amount of rain in my area recently, and one fruit this week has developed the bruising. I am doubtful that it is BER as all of the other five plants I have don’t have any issues at all and seem to be thriving, despite them all being watered/fed at the same. I recently pruned all the plants for air flow so can’t comment on what the leaves looked like for sign of disease. 

I do have one large fruit on the plant in question and this isn’t showing any signs of of the bruising yet but has been growing for around three weeks.

Any advice on this would be great - I am sure someone has had the same issue at some point.

(On a side note, any tips on how to feed tomato plants when you’ve had heavy rain and the soil has been wet for a number of days would be appreciated too. Conscious not to overwater but also conscious the plants needs feeding!)

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