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Rose identification

Hello, I wondered if anyone could tell me what this rose is in my new garden. And is there a way of helping it back to better health (including possibly by moving it from the shadow of the magnolia?) As it has few flowers and few leaves really - not sure if you can see on the photo.


  • RoddersUKRoddersUK Posts: 536
    Don't know the identity, but what an awesome colour!

    Might be best to move later in the year, autumn time.
  • Isn't it amazing? Thank you - I was definitely planning to move much later in the year  :) but wondering if a brutal prune might help to rejuvinate it a bit (or could kill it once and for all) 
  • RoddersUKRoddersUK Posts: 536
    I'm no rose pruning expert, but need to read up as I have one that needs sorting this year.
    I only ever remember Monty going on about climbing roses, never shrub roses.
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