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    I'm SO sorry for you both @punkdoc
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    Know how you feel @punkdoc  When we lost our claim regarding a tenant in a house we owned we were devastated.  The justice system takes no notice of what is fair and what is right.  I'm afraid I lost all faith in it.  Nasty people get away with things all the time.  All I can say is that the feeling of devastation does fade in time.  When it rears it's head I just think of how lucky I am with the people I have around me and the life I lead compared to how that low life lives.  Perhaps they will pay for their behavious in another life.
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    Thank you @Yviestevie, that is exactly how I feel, but you are right, I am glad I am not my ex NDN, I just hope he gets his just deserts.
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    punkdoc said:
    Well, we lost.
    Judge agreed the gas came from our supply, but the amount was unproven, despite the fact our bills are now down to the same amount they were before the ex NDN's converted it.
    Silly I know but I am devastated, I can't believe the trail of destruction that man leaves, continues and he gets away with it.
    Anyone know a hitman? [ joke ]
    It’s at times like this that a belief in a just (and vengeful) Supreme Being can be helpful … or so I am told … or at the very least, karma. 😡 

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    Very sorry you lost the case @Punkdoc, really unfair and not what you need at the moment. I also lost a case many years ago when a former client lied on oath but I couldn't prove it. Ended up having to pay his costs as well as my own. Leaves a nasty taste in the mouth.

    Having a quiet day apart from a painless routine blood test this morning. I got a bit annoyed when the Practice Nurse told me off for not telling her in advance that I always have it done on my hand not arm. I didn't know that required a thinner needle!

    I've put the 3rd coat of varnish on the Post - had to do it in the kitchen as too damp outside. I'm hoping to put it up tomorrow as I found a half bag of Postcrete in the shed which should still be okay to use. Firstly though, I'm going to have to return the trainers I bought yesterday and get a refund, rather a botheration but they are too tight across the toes.

    Enjoy your time away @Dovefromabove.

     Sorry you're down @Busy-Lizzie, understandable in the circumstances. Hope OH hears back from the hospital soon. 
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    @punkdoc that's not right! He's not in cahoots with your ex NDN is he? I would also be very angry.
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    @punkdoc I don't understand either,  if the judge agreed the supply came from you, surely then that is theft, pure and simple, even if the amount can't be proved. As the saying goes the law is an Ass. 
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    That is simply beautiful @Hostafan1 ❤️ 

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,743
    That is simply beautiful @Hostafan1 ❤️ 
    Not mine unfortunately. 
    I stopped off at Rosemoor on the way home yesterday
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