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Saving pea seeds

Hello everyone this might be a daft question but I'm struggling to find the answer elsewhere...

So my peas are done and I'm letting the rest go to seed for saving. At first it was easy..I let the pod go papery then finished the seeds off on a warm window sill. However now we have been having a lot of wet weather the peas seem to be just rotting or the peas are still soft and bright green even though the pod is papery. 

Can I pick these seeds prematurely and dry them on a sunny window sill? Or do they need to stay on the plant. Than you x


  • nick615nick615 Posts: 1,460
    Once I consider my peas are only suitable for seed purposes, I dismantle the whole row and salvage all the available pods.  I then arrange them all, with the broad beans, on a large tray which I move out of doors if the sun's shining, in the shed if raining, until they're dried right out.  I then separate seed from pods before placing all the seeds on a tray on the airing cupboard floor to complete the drying process.  When they go all wrinkly, they go in a paper bag to be stored somewhere dry like the sideboard.  I'd suggest you follow the above from where you separate peas from pods?  Monitor in case they go mouldy.
  • SkandiSkandi Posts: 1,717
    I find that as soon as the pods start to go leathery I need to bring them in, it's always to damp to try to dry them outside.
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