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Potting large ferns in containers.

magant11magant11 Posts: 55
Can someone give me advice on how to pot up large ferns into a container, and what compost do i need, also the watering regime.
The ferns are semi evergreen and i'm looking to do this when the ferns die back.
Any help would be amazing. 
Many thanks.😁


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,016
    What varieties of ferns are they?
    If they're 'ordinary' - ie not tree ferns or similar, you'd just plant them up now in the same way as any other plant. I'm assuming they're potted just now? If so, just plant at the same level as they currently are. Most are happiest in some shade, but again - it would depend on what type they are. 
    If they're staying potted long term, a soil based medium is best. Compost wouldn't be enough to sustain them. Soil from your garden would be fine if you have any. 
    With watering - again it would depend on the type, but anything in a pot needs regular watering to prevent the plant becoming dehydrated. It's completely different from having them in the ground, where they can access all the moisture they need once established. In a pot, they're totally dependent on you. 
    That would apply even if it was a fern which likes very dry conditions. The only difference with those is that you'd make the growing medium much freer draining, and adding a lot of grit would be the best way to do that. That allows excess water in autumn/winter to get away. It's similar to what you'd do with Mediterranean plants like lavender or rosemary - grittier soil to prevent winter wet, but watered regularly.  :)
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  • Papi JoPapi Jo Posts: 3,996
    @Fairygirl Sound advice (as always ;) ). I have about 30 potted ferns on my "fern wall" and currently they get their dose of water every day... and are thriving.
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  • KeenOnGreenKeenOnGreen Posts: 1,819
    All of our ferns are in pots @magant11  They are in shade, apart from a couple of hours of late afternoon sun in Summer. They get watered almost every day in Summer.

    Agree with the others about a mixture of soil and compost, and we also add well rotted manure. Despite a total lack of rainfall and a very hot Summer where we are, all of our ferns are looking good, except our Athyrium, which looks a bit tatty.

    Keeping your ferns in sufficient shade will make as much of a difference as water and soil (although some ferns will tolerate more sun than others). We also give ours a weekly liquid nitrogen feed. On very hot days, I sometimes spray them, but not religiously.

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