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POA meadow grass

Hi all , our lawn has all of a sudden been taken over by lots of POA , looking online it looks like nothing can control it ? , not sure to go with a more “no mow” natural lawn as apposed to a manicured lawn ? What have you guys done 


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    What is POA @danielpark8033 ?

    Edit to say just googled it, never heard of it before. Mr Mow might be able to help if he's around.
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    Poa annua, or annual meadow grass
    I have it too - I just mow it 

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    I have it as well. No problem, my grass areas are old and have lots of different types of grass in them,including the coarse weedy stuff. It doesn't have to look perfectly even (good thing really - at the moment it's very patch with yellow/brown from the drought)
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    You have grass????  All we have is brown hay stubble ... even the weeds have died 😢

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    Looks like I’m going to have to live with it , the more you try and take out the more it seems to  thrive , I scarified, re seeded and top dressed, it looked lovely for a month or so then the POA has started  
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    Good afternoon uff. still about  :D 


    Well where to start on this subject. some folk have sprayed surfaces with a product called Ethofumesate it will kill POA and just about most other species except RYEGRASS

    It will also be very expensive for a domestic lawn, it would also need to be applied by a pro, that's if you can find the product and it has the correct label for domestic situations.

    Now POA LOVES  food and water and lashings of it on a regular basis. so that is a clue on how to control it.  And it also helps if you know the grass species that you have in your lawn ?

     So how often are you watering , and what feed are you applying and how much ?
    Please be honest as it will help with further help and advice.
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