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Help moving my climbers around!!

Mrs_MigginsMrs_Miggins Posts: 60
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Im quite new to gardening and have a tricky garden. SE facing but narrow with a big tree at the end. So not many spots are all day sun. I had a tree near the house i chopped down so its much sunnier though. My problem is knowing what goes where now. Heres my walls with pics. 

Sunniest se facing wall but spots not all day and afternoons none in the west (right) corner. A climbing rose Gertrude Jekyll. Now growing out and about to be tied back/along the house. 

On the left a jasmine. Limping along and going to put it in the ground on the east wall maybe? The spot its in is my sunniest spot. In little pots a very lovely passiflora which needs a new home and a rhodichitron (sp?)

Then theres the west wall. A honeysuckle (heckrotti) thats never been great there (though was better when the tree shaded it in the afternoon i think) and a passiflora which is getting shaded by the rose currently. Plus some thunbergia. And another honeysuckle which turned out not to be a climber and flowers early. Ive got a border to the right with a large acer so only the left side is that sunny. 

On the left, east, is a passiflora which just started growing in the ground (happy to cut it back) and a big planter on the left which doesnt get loads of sun as the big tree is on this side and throws shade plus theres a border with a big Chilean potato vine. Im thinking of putting the jasmine roughly where the greenhouse is - my neighbours have them and they do well. 

And finally my back wall at the bottom of my garden. East facing but not a sunny spot as theres a shed to the left. But getting morning sun still! I water this a lot as ive got astilbes in it. I had a climbing hydrangea but it hated it. So i moved a clematis that was in an even more shady spot that i thought was dead there and its doing well! I could put something else in there i think. The rose maybe? Or too shady?

I also have a couple of very large pots with plants that like sun i need to move. 

I just dont know where to start. Help!! And sorry for the long post!!!

i should add i used a peat free growmore compost in my windowboxes and pink planters this year and its really set everything back. So thats not helped. 


  • Oh dear. Perhaps i should break this into several threads, by plant? 
  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 12,002
    @Mrs_Miggins Hello, 

    Looking at your first photo, the rose is on the right and the jasmine on the left if I understand you correctly?  I think I would be inclined to leave both where they are as both need sunshine - why did you want to move the jasmine?  If it's doing poorly it's probably either needs feeding or watering or both perhaps.

    Your back fence would be better for your honeysuckles as they prefer shade.

    The passifloras need sunshine as does the thunbergia. Anything you grow in the greenhouse also needs sunshine so that's probably your best spot for it.

    Hope this helps, good luck with your re-arranging. I should add don't move anything now, it's the wrong time of year, too hot and way too dry. Wait till the autumn when we've had a good lot of rain, then transplant.
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  • Thank you Lizzie. The rose is actually one for shade, which at the time i had plenty of. The honeysuckle does get a lot of sun - a lot in the afternoon so ill move the pot.
    The jasmine is in a pot too so i was going to put it in the ground - on the left (east) which has great morning sun. 
  • WAMSWAMS Posts: 1,938
    Did you want to move Gertrude Jekyll to the shady spot (I wouldn't,  I'd keep her by the house where I could enjoy her lovely fragrance) or did you want another rose that might be good for a shady spot?
  • Ah well it turns out its Madame Alfred Carriere.. i got mixed up! But also bought for fragrance. And supposed shade tolerance as at the time i had a tree casting shade in the afternoon. Unfortunately it doesnt flower enough to have much. I see these climbing roses covered in beautiful blooms and could weep. Its in a planter but even when i first put it in it grew but was never covered in flowers. 
  • Mrs_MigginsMrs_Miggins Posts: 60
    edited August 2022
    So if it flowered the way roses do if moved to the other side id still get the scent as its a very narrow garden!
  • I don't grow it  ( no space) so this is not from personal experience  - but I suspect Madame Alfred Carriere probably hasn't flowered much for you because I don't think its suitable for a container - it is a pretty vigorous climber. Also , from looking at other people's experience with climbers , they generally take a couple of years to hit their stride. 
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  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 12,002
    I'd agree with @Desi_in_London. M. Alfred Carriere is not one I'd ever contemplate planting in a pot/planter, it is very vigorous as Desi says , constantly throws up new flexible canes and can grow to 20 ft. I had to get rid of mine after a few years as I couldn't cope (and couldn't reach) all the very tall growth that ensued.
    North East Somerset - Clay soil over limestone
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