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What is this?

I bought it from Asda a few months a go and can't remember what it's called, but it's not doing great. I have already cut off lots of dying, brown leaves.  Thank you 


  • Balgay.HillBalgay.Hill Posts: 1,002
    Parlour Palm?
    Sunny Dundee
  • GardenerSuzeGardenerSuze Posts: 4,994
    @thomascobb91 It is a palm of some sort, could be overwatering or it might prefer rain water. I am sure the houseplant experts will be able to give advice.
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  • PlantmindedPlantminded Posts: 2,728
    edited July 2022
    Looks like Parlour palm, Chamaedorea elegans, as suggested above.  Try repotting it into a slightly larger pot.  It's best to pot houseplants in plastic pots with draining holes and place the pot into a more decorative outer pot, or cache pot (hides the inner pot).  It could be that the compost it is growing in is now tired, with few nutrients or moisture retaining qualities. 

    These palms like quite a bit of water during the growing season, as the leaves have quite a large surface area, but little in winter.  I water mine when the top two inches of compost feel dry, thoroughly soaking the compost and letting it drain out into the sink.  Let the compost dry out  between watering as they don't like being waterlogged.  Keep your plant in a position with lots of natural light but not direct sunlight and away from radiators in the winter.  Hope this helps and good luck!
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  • LynLyn Posts: 22,852
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    The brown leaves are where someone has had the plant standing in the sun. They’re shade loving plants,  I used to put tiny ones in terrariums. 
    Just cut them off it will soon grow some more. 
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