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Cherry Laurel Issue

Good evening, 

Wondering if I could get some advice please?

I bought 10 cherry Laurels online, but now 6 of the plants have brown edges on the leaves, it started out as only 2 of them had this after a few days of me playing them. 

I water them everyday, sometimes every 2 days, when I planted them I used feed and bone meal, I stopped the feed now as wasn't sure if that has caused it.



  • bcpathomebcpathome Posts: 1,268
    Can’t quite see from the photos , they look a bit crammed in to a small space to me .You don’t need to keep feeding them , it won’t make them grow any faster ,give them a bit more time ,the brown edges may be sunburn.Just keep them watered and now the weather has cooled they may be ok .The new leaves coming look ok .
  • Thank you for your reply. 

    I planted them 2 feet apart is that enough. I will keep watering them then. I did stop feeding last Wednesday as wasn't sure if it was doing any good. 
  • bcpathomebcpathome Posts: 1,268
    Yes 2 ft is probably ok for now but you know they get huge don’t you .They will need controlling as they get bigger .Pretty sure they look ok ,it’s only the top leaves that look damaged as far as I can tell from the photo’s which leads me to believe that it’s sun damage .The leaves underneath look ok to me so I’d just wait and see if I was you .
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