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Suggestions on best plants please

I have been advised that the following list of perennials are acceptable for our cemetery plot.
Could you advise which is the hardiest or indeed the best choice, not sure how good availability is for any of them
African Lily, Bears Breeches, Columbine, Cranesbill, Elephants Ears, Foxglove, Hardy Forget- me- not, Ice Plant, Jacobs Ladder, Ladys Mantle, Lupin, Musk Mallow, Primrose, Red Hot Poker.

One plot is mostly in the shade, the other two get full sunshine thanks


  • CrazybeeladyCrazybeelady Posts: 749
    Foxgloves are great, so definitely plant them 😊. They like a bit of shade and are definitely hardy. Once you've grown one, you'll likely end up with a million the following year if you leave the seed heads on. Aquilegia are very hardy, so are primroses. 
    African lily - agapanthus I think? They love sun and are drought tolerant (I went to California in April and they were all over the place).
    A few of these plants flower at different times of the year so it'll be nice to always have something going on.
    I wouldn't have thought you'd struggle to get hold of any of them but this might not be the best time of year to plant them? As we're getting a bit late in the season now. I'm sure some more knowledgeable people will be along soon 😁
  • Thank you so much for the fast informed reply, given me some ideas, we are hoping to make an arrangement with the gardener at the cemetery to plant and maintain the plots, lot easier for him, having the equipment to hand.
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