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ID please :)


does any one know what type of tree this is? There seems to be so many pines in the uk. Any info would be appreciated:) 



  • LiriodendronLiriodendron Posts: 8,208
    I'd say it's definitely a pine...  are those needles in pairs, two needles to each little "bobble", and how long are they?  Is it a cultivated tree or a wild one? - and if it's cultivated, do you have any information which might be useful for ID, such as whether it's growing fast or slowly?  The native Scots pine has needles in pairs so if it's growing wild in the UK that's a reasonable guess.  You're right that there are loads of different ones in cultivation though, so a definitive ID is going to be difficult.
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  • Hi
    thanks for the feedback. 
    These are in a nature reserve I walk past sometimes, so they planted, but kind of wild i guess. I’ll measure them next time.  :) 
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