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quick plant co-planating (*un*companiable planting) question: leeks

REMF33REMF33 Posts: 570
I've not grown them before... (well except fo a failed attempt in pots): is there anything I shouldn't plant them with other than peas and beans? Will courgettes be ok?


  • NollieNollie Girona, Catalunya, Northen Spain.Posts: 5,952
    Leeks are fine with most things so should be fine with courgettes. Like any allium, carrots benefit from their interplanting. They are the least damaging of the alliums to legumes but still sensible not to plant them too close to those.
  • REMF33REMF33 Posts: 570

    It's a bit late to sow carrots, I guess...?

    I am so behind with everything this year, but large bits of the first 6 months were intermittently wiped out. This is only my first lot of courgettes.
  • Chris-P-BaconChris-P-Bacon Posts: 789
    REMF33 said:

    It's a bit late to sow carrots, I guess...?

    Not at all.. try Autumn King.
  • REMF33REMF33 Posts: 570
    edited 24 July
    @Chris-P-Bacon thank you! Will order some seed.
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