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Pot Black chillis

Any chilli growers in the house? We're having an interesting time with Pot Black chillis, amazing range of colours and shapes, just about to start stringing a few up to decorate the shed. Can't find much about them online though, just wondering if anyone's got experience with them?

It's knowing what to do with things that counts - Robert Frost


  • philippasmith2philippasmith2 Posts: 2,973
    What is it that you wanted to know ?  The best way to dry them for future use ?
    I haven't grown your particular variety but the method is the same.
    Once ripe, use a darning needle threaded with strong cotton, push the needle thru the stem - not the fruit - and continue to make a thread of chillis as long as suits you.  Hang them in a warm, dry place until they begin to dry/shrivel.  When completely dry, store the fruits in an airtight box in the cool.  You can then grind them into a powder and use as necessary or leave them whole - whichever suits.
    You can also use them fresh - I'm sure you know that but again, not knowing this variety, I don't know how hot or sweet they are.
    Enjoy them anyway however you use them :)
  • Thanks @philippasmith2. That's the thing, there's not much info out there about where/how to use them in cooking. Might be a suck it and see thing. But not literally! 🥵 Strung loads up today, they look great 
    It's knowing what to do with things that counts - Robert Frost
  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,341
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