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I have two Spring flowering clematis.  Both are growing well and planted in the the ground, but one has discoloured leaves.  Please can anyone tell me what this is and if treatable.  Pictures attached


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    @Jerseyboy12 There is a website which lists thousands of clematis, their groups, size, colour and more.   It also has a page on diseases affecting the foliage -

    I don't think your foliage looks anything like the images there so I would just make sure your clematis are well fed with some liquid rose or tomato feed and maybe some seaweed too as that has more minerals.  This will make them strong and healthy and better able to fight off pests and diseases.

    Make sure they don't go thirsty in hot or dry spells.  Better to give one good deep drink a week - 10 to 15 litres - than to give dribbles of just a few litres as you need to encourage the roots to go down deep to seek out moisture and nutrients.
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  • Big thanks for you reply - very helpful  :)
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    Look fine to me .
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    Looks like powdery mildew.
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