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Cordyline turning yellow

I have two cordylines one is perfectly healthy and green while the other is not doing so well, it is yellow and not as lush as the other. I think I may have maybe overwatered the yellow one. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can rescue my cordyline or will it correct itself? 
Thank You.


  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 10,465
    If it's just some of the oldest lower leaves yellowing, that's normal and nothing to worry about. Make sure the drainage holes in the pot aren't blocked, and that the pot is raised up off the ground a bit so that excess water can run out easily.
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  • Thank you JennyJ, I will check the drainage holes and raise the pot up off the ground as you say although I will have to get some pot feet I think. Thank you for your reply to my message!
  • Flower252Flower252 Posts: 21
    I have quite a few cordylines and after the advise provided by Jenny, I would cut off those yellow leaves.  They grow a mass of roots and may need moving to a larger pot.  I Had one growing in an urn shaped planter and after a couple of years I had some yellowing leaves so tried to get it out and it was stuck due to the shape of the urn. After more than an hour we eventually got it out and planted it in the garden and now it is happy again.  Loved the look so planted a younger plant back in the urn. Glutton for punishment!  Good luck with it.

  • PlantmindedPlantminded Posts: 3,504
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    You'll notice that once you've sorted out the drainage and cut off the yellowing leaves as advised above, your plant will start to develop a thickened trunk as it grows.  At that stage I'd find a suitable place for it in the ground - they hate to be pot bound as they age.  The green Cordylines have a habit of developing yellowing/browning leaves more quickly than the other varieties when kept in pots.
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  • Thank you to everyone for your replies!
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