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I have noticed that my Salvia Crystal Blue have got powdery mildew for the first time. They are all in the same bed so receive the same conditions. 

I’m not sure if they’ve got this due to the very dry conditions or if it’s because I started to give them a good drink a couple of weeks ago when other plants were starting to feel it. I, maybe wrongly, thought it would be best to water everything owing to the severe lack of rain we’ve had. 

They flowered lovely, have been cut back and flowered again. The second flush of flowers have now been cut back so could it be the plants have just had enough?

Should I keep watering them twice a week until we get some decent rain or should I not water?



  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,570
    Keep watering.  That said, we are apparently due a thunderstorm today. After it has passed, take a trowel and see how far it has penetrated.  I am planning to have a major cut down today and then reassess the situation.
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