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Relocating Potentillas

Hello, I have a couple of Potentillas under my kitchen window up against the house. They only get some sunshine first thing in the morning, but are flowering nicely. However, because they are up against the house they lean forward onto the lawn and are a bit messy. Plus I want to put something more "upright" in their place.

I'm looking to move them into the main garden in a flower bed that I have just cleared that will have sunshine approx 8am - 1pm in the summer. And so they will have more room to spread out a bit. Any advice on moving these? Thanks in advance.


  • GardenerSuzeGardenerSuze Posts: 5,003
    @greyfingers I wouldn't consider moving them at present much too dry. The problem with growing anything next to a wall is it will lean out ,other than plants that 'hug the soil'
    You can prune potentlla in spring but if your plants are old they may not like it, something best done yearly and not too far back. I think I would wait until late september time to move them.
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