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Strange insect eggs, any ideas?

I first noticed these eggs under my nasturtium leaves, then under my mint leaves and today under squash leaves! They are thin hair like eggs and dark, almost purple? The closest I can find is horse fly eggs, but they are not the correct cluster. These are very precise and spaced out. Also not like the lacewing eggs that are laid on a hair, these are just hair like since they are long and thin. 

I have left these in case they are a beneficial species. I have seen many helpful insects around  and would hate to remove their eggs. 

Can anyone give me the name of the insect or type of insect that could be leaving these on multiple types of plants? 



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  • PosyPosy Isle of Wight.Posts: 3,422
    They will be easier to identify when they are crawling about all over it, which they will shortly be doing.
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