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My wisteria is 25 years old and flowered again beautifully this year.  In the last three weeks the leaves have shrivelled and have all fallen off.  I have always watered it when we have no rain but it's looking really sad at the moment.  I have trimmed some of the smaller branches and a lot of them do seem to be dead. Nothing has changed in the garden so none of the roots have been cut etc.  Any suggestions on what to do now would be welcome. 

Thank you.


  • thevictorianthevictorian Posts: 556
    Hi, is there any chance you could add a picture? My guess would be its the weather we have had. Here we haven't had any meaningful rain in a couple of months and everything apart from the very mature trees is either showing massive signs of drought, or has already given up. If it's in the ground then it is hard to control just how much water it gets and add 25 years old, I'm guessing it's a good sized plant.
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