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What to do with my cayenne pepper plants now?

Hi all, it's my first time growing peppers. I've got two cayenne pepper plants growing happily on my southwest-facing windowsills. They are now about 20cm tall and are in 14cm pots. Both are having some flower buds already.

Now I read some websites saying that you should snip off the first set of flowers to encourage bushier growth. But I worry that mine won't have a long enough growing season to produce more flowers (and fruits) as they only germinated in May. Shall I just leave them as they are?

Also, can I repot them when they are in flowers please? I'm starting to worry that the pots are too small for them but I'm not seeing roots coming through the drainage holes yet.



  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,967
    By all means repot it.
    I have 8 chili plants this year all in flower and some with small fruits. I repotted them a few days ago.
    Don't snip the flowers off - as you say, the season here is short enough as it is!
    Your plant will continue to grow and flower until the cold and frost gets to it.
    Give it a feed of tomato feed every week to keep the flowers coming.

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