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Wren nest in July?

Hi, I know there is a well of ornithological knowledge here so thought I'd ask. I was just doing some prunning (which ive stopped just in case) and found that my open fronted nest box has some eggs in it. I'm fairly certain that it's wren eggs but is it still breeding season? We have blackbirds currently feeding chicks in another nest and they will probably fledge in a week or so but I've not seen any signs of wrens in our garden since spring so don't know if it's an old nest or they are having a second brood. 
There are five eggs and they were being sucked on by a bandit snail, but I see no signs that any chicks have been raised in there and 5 seems to be a rough number that they lay, so might not have been incubated yet, or I disturbed the parent.


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