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What's wrong with my tomatoe plant?

CasparCaspar Posts: 32
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I have 10 tomatoe plants of varying varieties.  Two next to one another are 'cherry reds' with dark green healthy leaves, watered twice a day via an irrigation system and manually topped up at the root in extremely hot weather - fed twice a week.

The top of one has tiny leaves and I wondered if it was normal and that as the plants continue to grow they will just go to normal size? The small leaves are firm and not floppy - just small.  It looks like restricted growth compared to the next one along and the other 8 plants are all tall now?  These two are both in the same grow bag (just 2 per bag) with French marigolds at the bottom for companion planting (to hopefully ward of white fly).  I'm worried the marigolds are taking away too much goodness from this plant. Although the others have marigolds at the bottom and they aren't affected in any way by this.  

Any wise words?

Water, feed, tweak - then start again......... 


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,135
    It's probably related to the weather.
    Mine have been doing all sorts of contortions recently and have grown a lot in the last few days.
    When the temp gets above 30C they can't function properly, but will recover when temps. come down a little.
    I grow marigolds and basil amongst mine too, but mine are in the greenhouse border.
    If you're feeding your tomatoes about once a week, that should be enough for the tomato and marigold. Feeding twice a week is a bit OTT.
    By all means feed twice a week, but give them a 1/2 strength feed each time, a full strength feed twice a week is too much.

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  • CasparCaspar Posts: 32
    Thanks Pete.8
    Water, feed, tweak - then start again......... 
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