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Ants in Greenhouse

Hi Can anyone please help?.
I have a new Grapevine planted  in 2021 in a large tub in my greenhouse . this year it is smothered in ants and i am quite concerned about the damage it could do to the plant.
Is it possible to re-pot the Grapevine and if so when is the right time to do this. ?
Can i use Ant powder to kill the ants off ? or will ant powder damage the plant?.
Look forward to any help.
Many thanks


  • philippasmith2philippasmith2 Posts: 3,405
    Ants like it warm and dry.  IME, the major damage they do once established is to leave the roots of a plant hanging in "mid air" as they tunnel thru the soil to make their nests
    You don't say whether your potted Grapevine is sitting in the GH on a solid surface ( paving or similar ) or on a soil bed ?
    Usually giving a thorough watering can sometimes be sufficient to persuade the ants to move somewhere more suited to them but they can be persistent - particularly in a GH where they are protected from the elements. 
    You can try the Ant powder - check the instructions as to amounts - unlikely to damage the vine but it could be that if the Vine is sitting on soil, it will mean that you may have an ongoing problem even if you manage to deter your present ants.
    Best suggestion would be to work out where they may be coming from before you go to the trouble of re potting.
    Hopefully other posters may have advice which will prove useful to you  :)
  • SYinUSASYinUSA Posts: 233
    If you see an ant trail, try mixing borax into sugar water and leaving a small container of it close to their trail. I usually soak a folded paper towel or napkin and place it on a shallow disposable plastic lid. Once the ants find the sugar, they usually disappear within a day or two.

    This may stave off the need for moving the plant.
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