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Unhealthy Hylotelephium 'Double Martini'

Hello -

My hylotelephium is not looking too good. I know that soil is not great in the garden but the plant is getting good sun (south facing).

I am watering fairly regularly as know the plant won't be established (1-2 months ago). It is alongside a Foxglove that flowered but does have weird (to me, at least) yellow blotches on the leaves. Not sure if related!

The leaves on the bottom of the stems are dropping off.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated :)




  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 4,211
    That is too wet! Sedums (it was once a Sedum) like well drained soil. they generally do not need watering . Foxgloves are also fairly drought tolerant.
  • Ah - that might explain it then...

    Would that cause leaves to drop off / blotches?

    Thanks -
  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 4,211
    Basically , yes. The roots will not be happy so the plant compensates by losing leaves. It has to get rid of the excess water through its pores which expand and cause a blotchy appearance.
  • Thanks so much - that is very good to know! I am hoping that if I keep the water away from it I should be able to save it.

    Many thanks.
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