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Aphids After Pruning

I have a greengage tree that up until yesterday had a pretty hefty burden of aphids. I did the annual prune and cut the vast majority away as they were located on the newer growth. There are still quite a few left which I was going to blast with the hose, however, there turned out to be quite a few ladybird larvae/pupa/eggs so is it OK to just leave them to take care of the rest? I don't really want to be getting rid of the larvae, I spent a good while yesterday picking them from the clippings and putting them back on the tree. I know by leaving the aphids I'm running the risk of them going berserk again but I'd really rather let nature take care of them. Is this a good idea or a really bad one?


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,838
    A good one.  Keep an eye out just in case but those larvae will hoover up the aphids in no time given half a chance.
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  • I was taking a look and there aren't nearly as many aphids left as I thought. I don't know that there's really enough for the larvae and their voracious appetites so, in what might turn out to be an act of madness, I've put some of the clippings back in the tree 😬 
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