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Rowan tree

I have planted two rowan trees one is green and healthy looking but once other one the leaves are turning yellow. Any advice please shall I take them off thankyou 


  • LoxleyLoxley NottinghamPosts: 4,648
    Check the soil. Probably getting too dry (and hot) in which case, make sure you are giving it a good deep water every few days. If for some reason the soil is saturated (unlikely!), ease up on the watering and investigate any drainage problems that might be there.

    Was the soil well prepared for planting? Presume it's in the open ground?

    Don't fertilise.
  • Hi Loxley send thank you for your comments. I have two rowan trees both planted in my garden which has clay soil. I did my best to prepare the soil but maybe I didn't do enough. However touch wood the other one is fine. 
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