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Huge bargain using anti wastage app

I just used an anti wastage app to score 180€ worth of plants for 20€! 

It’s a bit of a “pot luck” as all the app says is xx value and a vague description. In todays case it said 5€ “basket” with 40€ worth of balcony plants. I booked 4 baskets to share with a friend.

when I collected them I was pleasantly surprised.

1 large pre planted mixed pot with pelagonium, mini petunia, lobelia and another trailing that I forget, in a nice decorative pot
4 large pots of pelargoniums
2 mini planters of dianthus
2 round planters of dianthus
5 various other dianthus ( mixed named varieties)
2 gazia
2 campanula
1 mint ( worst of the bunch!)

everything needs a drink, some deadheading and probably a feed, but honestly a great deal for little money, and even a few nice re usable pots in the mix💖

would be interested to know if anything similar exists in the UK.
Marne la vallée, basically just outside Paris 🇫🇷, but definitely Scottish at heart.


  • B3B3 Posts: 26,504
    So would I. I do love pot luck😊
    In London. Keen but lazy.
  • FireFire Posts: 17,352
    Very cool. 
    On our local groups you could run a nursery based on the plants people give away.
  • That would be great too Fire. No groups around here and generally most shops let unsold stock get neglected and die, so I was happy to see how healthy the plants are, it’s just that no one wants to buy the ones where the first flush of flowers has passed. I have always bought what my husband calls the “sick bay” plants and usually nurse them back. 

    I think it’s a holdover from when cash was tight, no money to spend on “pretty” meant I had to make the savings and work a little harder, and also have a bit more patience as unlike most folks around here I did not have the “instant” garden.
    Marne la vallée, basically just outside Paris 🇫🇷, but definitely Scottish at heart.
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