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Identify please.

dpatel2130dpatel2130 Posts: 201
Hello! I bought these plants last summer as collection of seedlings from well known nursery at bargain prices. Online it was. Out of 80 only about 30 survived and gave pleasure by flowering. These plants were in very poor conditions so I planted them in ground and they even survived the winter and now flowered as well. ____Please identify them__. Thank you in advance. 


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,135
    I'd have a guess at Rudbeckia

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  • bcpathomebcpathome Posts: 1,268
    Yes rudbeckia of some kind 
  • UffUff Posts: 3,199
    I think you're right Pete.8. I did wonder about a perennial sunflower, helianthus but rudbeckia is more like it. 
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