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Boulevard Acropolis Clematis Leaf Problem

My 3 year old west facing potted Boulevard Acropolis clematis is experiencing leaf problems (photos below).  Both last year and this it initially flourished, indeed this years blooms can only be described as stunning from base to tip!  I water it twice a week, sometimes a third watering if its very warm and fertilise it either with multi propose feed or tomato feed once a week.  Sadly both last year and now this year the leaves have experienced the problems shown below after profusely flowering for some time. Can anyone please throw some light on what I’m doing wrong please?  Many thanks 


  • GardenerSuzeGardenerSuze Posts: 5,609
    @ywilsonjrichards I don't think it is getting all it needs from the compost it is in, it looks deficiant in something. The pot does look on the small side, I realise it doesn't get very big. I hope other forum members can add more as I have never grown one in a pot.

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