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Portuguese Laurel yellowing not growing

billyp7WmtKKMbillyp7WmtKKM Posts: 33
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I planted about 200 Portuguese Laurel last autumn, larger plants 150cm

Planted with a lot of compost and bone meal and Empathy Mycorrhizal Fungi.

I run a soaker hose twice a week and usually give them a good soak for a few hours. sometimes longer on dry days and one day I left on for several hours by mistake and they were waterlogged about month ago.

I have 5-6 plants that are struggling, yellowing and not growing or shooting new Leafs at all like the rest that are growing great.  I suspect the soil may have been waterlogged as this area in particular seems to get a lot of water from hose.

any Tips to try and save these? I stopped soaking for week In that area after the excessive watering that day and looking at these and the soil seemed dry and when I went down to see if it was waterlogged underneath. Didn’t seem waterlogged.

do I need to add feed, more compost? Replant? I just want to try and save.

images attached, they still look ok, but yellowing and not shooting like rest.  So they need intervention.

you can see healthy growing plants in background of first few images nice and green and shooting new leafs and about the 5-6 struggling 1 feet shorter and dying.

Thanks in advance.


  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 SomersetPosts: 9,674
    They look okay to me and I wouldn't do anything more at this time. The sickly ones are probably just recovering from being waterlogged and hopefully will recover in a month or two. Do not feed at this point. What might help is to move the grass back by about a foot or so as that will be in direct competition with your hedge. 
    Patience is needed when growing plants.
  • billyp7WmtKKMbillyp7WmtKKM Posts: 33
    edited 5 July
    Thanks Lizzie, I will leave them for a bit and hopefully they recover.  Pictures don't do it justice maybe, but these just dont seem to be sprouting and look ill.  Will see how they go over next month or so.  Also moved grass back thanks.
  • PosyPosy Isle of Wight.Posts: 3,436
    My laurel gets waterlogged every winter and doesn't mind at all but it doesn't like drought. Despite the one waterlogging incident, are you sure the soaker hose is doing enough? Where I live, we haven't  had much rain since April but it's sunny and windy and that really dries them out.
  • GardenerSuzeGardenerSuze I garden in South Notts on an improved clay soil Posts: 2,047
    I agree with @Posy I'm not sure a soaker hose would be enough. I would gently move some soil and check how far down the water is going. Soaker hoses can get blown about by the wind, a waste of time in hanging baskets in a windy site,
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